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Bartow's linemen are well-trained and very dedicated men who take tremendous pride in serving you. You can help protect your linemen by not turning our utility poles into obstacle courses with tacks, nails and staples from posted signs, posters, notices or mounted recreational equipment. Tacks, nails and staples driven into our utility poles can puncture the linemen’s rubber safety gloves and leave them vulnerable to electrocution. Linemen whose climbing hooks hit a nail instead of sinking securely into wood may fall from the pole and sustain serious injuries. Remember, anytime a lineman must unfasten his safety harness in order to climb above an obstacle on a utility pole, he’s working without a net! Also, when linemen have to remove objects from poles in order to climb them during an outage, it takes much longer to restore your power.

Our linemen climb the poles in all weather conditions and at all hours of the day or night to maintain and repair the equipment that brings you safe, reliable electric power. These dedicated men face enough danger in their efforts to keep your electric power on. Please do your part to help them eliminate additional hazards by not posting signs, posters and notices or mounting recreational equipment on our utility poles.

Last updated: 10/7/2011 2:33:28 PM