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Gun locks are provided free to citizens through Project Child Safe. Come into the Bartow Police Department lobby and ask for your free gun lock.

Firearm safety is everyone's responsibility. For more Gun Safety Information go to: PROJECT CHILD SAFE


Most children regard firearms as toys and will play with them if given the opportunity

 Kid playing with gun

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Thousands of people (many of them children) are killed annually in the United States by firearms being used or stored in an unsafe manner.






 Gun Safety Rules:

Eddie Eagle with SignTreat every firearm as if it is loaded.

  • Always point the firearm in a safe direction. If it does accidentally discharge, it will not cause injury or damage.
  • Insure the firearm is safe to operate. Use only the correct ammunition. If you have any questions about either, consult with a gunsmith or other qualified person.
  • Always secure a firearm and store it and the ammunition separately. 

Never, under any circumstances, handle or use a firearm while using alcohol.

 Little Girl finding gun

Most children regard firearms as toys and will play with them if given the opportunity






Eddie Eagle teaching kids



Florida State Statute 790.174 states in part:

A person who stores or leaves, on a premise under his control, a loaded firearm...and who knows or reasonably should know that a minor is likely to gain access to the firearm without the lawful permission of the minor's parent or the person having charge of the minor, or without the supervision required by law, shall keep the firearm in a securely locked box or container or in a location which a reasonable person would believe to be secure or shall secure it with a trigger lock, except when he is carrying the firearm on his body or within such close proximity thereto that he can retrieve and us it as easily and quickly as if he carried it on his body... 


Most firearms need only be registered at the time of sale by a gun dealer.

With few exceptions, it is unlawful for a person under 18 years of age to possess a firearm unless under competent adult supervision.

It is generally unlawful for any person to openly carry a firearm. The most common exceptions include hunting and target practice.

License to carry a concealed weapon are issued through the Department of State.

Transporting a firearm by airplane is subject to federal and airline regulations. Contact the airline personnel BEFORE you fly to determine the exact laws that apply.

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