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Bartow PD Organizational Structure

The Bartow Police Department has evolved over the years from a one man, 15-hour-a-day department to a staff of 41 sworn and 26 non-sworn personnel who provide Law Enforcement services to the citizens of Bartow.


The officers assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division provide 24 hour a day coverage to protect the life and property of the citizens and visitors of Bartow. The Uniform Patrol Division acts as a first responder to calls for immediate police service providing a timely response to reported crimes in progress. The Patrol Unit consists of four squads, each squad is supervised by a Sergeant.                



All felony cases are forwarded to the Detective Division  where they are evaluated for solvability by the Detective Division Supervisor. If a case has a good chance of solvability, the case is assigned to a detective. Case solvability is determined by the existence of investigational leads. These leads must indicate the potential for successful arrest and conviction. Since police resources are limited, it is not effective or practical to devote investigational resources to cases with little chance of a successful resolution. 

  Det. Eric Sherouse


Detective Sergeant Eric Sherouse is currently assigned as Supervisor to the Detective Division. Sgt. Sherouse began his career with Bartow Police Department in April 1998, serving in the Patrol Unit for several years before transferring to the Detective Division.  As a Child Crimes investigator, he and has over 12 years of investigations experience.  He served in the Detective Bureau as a General Crimes Investigator and Narcotics Investigator, prior to being assigned to Child Abuse in 2007.

Detective Sergeant Sherouse received his police standards from Polk Community College in 1997. Since that time, he has received over 400 hours in advance training; primarily from the Institute of Police Training and Management, focusing on Criminal Investigations. Detective Sherouse holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Saint Leo University.




Sergeant Tagliarini graduated from Plant City High School in 1998. He attended Polk Community College and received his Police Standards from Hillsborough Community College.  He began his career in Law Enforcement with the Mulberry Police Department, where he served as a Patrol Officer, Detective on the HIDTA Task Force, and was promoted to Sergeant and then Lieutenant.                                                                  
In 2004 Sgt. Tagliarini went to work in the private sector, working for W.S. Badcock in the Corporate Investigations Operations. He worked until 2009, at which time he started his career with Bartow Police Department.
At Bartow Police Department he working in the Patrol Section and then transferred to the Community Services Team in 2014. He was promoted to Sergeant over the Section in 2017.


The Community Services Team, or CST  is responsible for providing the citizens of Bartow with programs designed to enhance the quality of life as well as provide valuable services to the citizens of Bartow. The concept involves utilizing a multi-agency approach to problem solving by partnering with other agencies such as Code Enforcement, Fire Department, State Attorney's Office, Bartow Chamber of Commerce, and working with community groups to identify neighborhood and chronic crime or nuisance issues. tag and lyn at event

The CST provides Crime Prevention Programs such as Neighborhood and Business Watch, Stranger Danger, Departmental Tours, scheduling K-9 Demonstrations, Fraud & Internet Safety, Personal Safety Programs and a yearly Citizens Police Academy.









There are four full-time officers assigned to the schools in Bartow.

Officer White, Officer Guzman, Officer Cosmeus, and Officer Manrow






The Bartow Police Department K-9 Unit is composed of four (4) teams, each consisting of a police officer and a canine. The K-9 teams are assigned to the Patrol Division. These teams assist the Patrol Division with searching buildings, searching for lost or missing persons, evidence recovery, narcotic searches, and crowd control. In addition, K-9 teams are utilized as backup officers for officer safety.     


The K-9 teams are available to perform public K-9 demonstrations for the citizens of Bartow. The Community Services Division handles the scheduling of the demonstrations upon request from the public. Demonstrations are provided to schools, day-care centers, civic groups, community events, holiday events, business promotions and churches.

The K-9 teams average 25 to 35 demonstrations per year for the community.


  2016 07 FOUR K9 TEAMS



The Telecommunications section of the Bartow Police Department falls under the auspices of the Support Services Division. In 2013, a major renovation of the telecommunications area was completed. The new space includes state of the art equipment.

Staffed by nine (9) full-time and two (2) part-time dispatchers. This section is responsible for radio communications as well as all NCIC and FCIC communications activity. 

On January 25, 2016, Bartow Police Department implemented a new Report Writing Program called Tiburon. With the launch of Tiburon, Bartow Police Department joined a county-wide law enforcement software network, called Coplink. The Coplink Program is a regional data sharing program which includes a majority of the Tampa Bay Region, counties and local law enforcement agencies.

Having the ability to readily share criminal justice information is a proven avenue to increase the effectiveness of crime solution.



The Records Section is responsible for processing, maintaining and disseminating department records according to the state and local laws. Retention Maintenance and Destruction are governed by F.S.S. 119 and 257 and the General Records Schedule for Law Enforcement Agencies. This section is responsible for forwarding all documentation to the State Attorney's Office and/or Clerk's Office on all Arrest, Complaint Affidavits, and Citations. 


The Records section includes two (2) clerks and one supervisor. The lobby is staffed and open to the public Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In January 2016, Bartow Police Department launched the Report Writing Program, Tiburon. This is a countywide law enforcement software network. Having the ability to readily share criminal justice information is a proven avenue to increase the effectiveness of crime solution

After hours and during holidays or weekends, the lobby doors are locked for security purposes, however, the telecommunications operators that are working will allow citizens entry through a door bell system.  



The Crime Scene Unit of the Bartow Police Department processes crime scenes for latent finger and palm prints, shoe prints, blood stains, bullets, and any other evidence that may be useful in a criminal prosecution. The Crime Scene unit photographs and sketches crime scenes. Different powders and chemicals are used to obtain the latent crime scene prints. A digital camera, and video camera are used to record the scene and evidence.

new csi van

The Crime Scene unit uses a digital camera to record most scenes and the pictures can be printed in a matter of minutes on a computer or a digital photo printer. The Crime scene unit videotapes training classes, photographs city property that is damaged for city risk management, and fingerprints the public when they need it for employment


The new Crime Scene van purchased in 2014




The City of Bartow adopted a False Alarm Ordinance #1854-A, effective June 21, 1999.  If you are an ALARM USER within the City Limits of Bartow, you are required to register your fire/smoke, robbery, burglary, medical, water flow, panic alarm and/or any audible system.  All new alarm systems are required to be registered within 30 days of active service, with the Bartow Police Department. 

Once you have registered your alarm, you will NOT be charged for the first two (2) incidents, although there will be a charge for three (3) or more incidents. 

You may email your Alarm Registration Form to:  Kathryn Jones

For more information on the False Alarm Ordinance or to register your alarm system, go to:  Ordinances

Alarm Registration Form 



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