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1. T-Pole Inspection (temporary construction power pole).

2. Setback and Footing Inspection - Footing(s) shall be formed if soil will not support required
dimensions, treatment for termites is complete, vapor barrier is complete and to the outside of the footing
for monolithic foundations, reinforcement is properly placed, and welded wire mesh is placed as required.
Electrical Grounding Electrode System is required to be installed as per Article 250 - 50 (C) N.E.C. “99”
Edition and will be inspected at this time.

3. Under Slab Plumbing - All underground plumbing uncovered in trenches, completely connected, with 5'
static head on building drain system. Protection provided where lines are embedded or pass through

4. Under Slab Mechanical - All underground A/C and condensate lines properly placed, insulated and

5. Under Slab Electrical - All underground electric conduit shall be completed and uncovered in trench.

6. Slab Inspection - In stem wall construction when the treatment for termites is complete, vapor barrier is
complete and welded wire mesh placed as required, and slab is ready for concrete.

7. Lintel Inspection - (walls of masonry construction only) - All horizontal reinforcing bars around the
perimeter of the building in place and all vertical reinforcing bars in place in accordance with approved

8. Rough Plumbing Inspection - When all rough plumbing lines, vents, laterals, etc. have been completed
and test (when required) is applied to the system.

9. Rough Mechanical Inspection - When all ductwork has been installed and properly supported, A/C lines
run, equipment platforms built, provisions made for combustion air, and entire rough system is complete.
Tape or mastic of fiberglass duct joints.

10. Rough Electrical Inspection - When all electrical conduit, wire, panels, outlet boxes, switch boxes,
equipment boxes, isolation switch boxes, etc. have been properly installed, all joints in boxes have been

11. Framing Inspection - only after the rough electrical, rough mechanical, and rough plumbing inspections
have been approved. Also, the building shall be weathertight. For exterior wall wood frame construction,
an inspection is required to check the nailing of OSB, plywood, etc., before the finish material is applied.
Mandatory roof deck inspection can be made at this time or can be set up for inspection before other
rough-in inspections are made, as requested by the contractor and building inspector depending on the
specific job situation. Note: Effective 1-1-02, roof deck inspections are mandatory for all new roof
construction. This requirement does not apply to re-roof jobs on existing residential homes.

12. Insulation Inspection - After all side wall and batt insulation has been installed. If ceiling is to be blown
in the soffit baffles shall be installed. Blown in insulation is not allowed in sloped ceilings over 2/12

13. Final Mechanical - All mechanical work shall be complete.

14. Final Plumbing - All plumbing shall be complete and operational with water pressure on the building.

15. Final Electrical - All electrical systems, outlets, lights, equipment, etc. shall be complete; including
switch plates, outlet covers, labeling of breaker panel switches, etc. and street address numbers installed
on building.

16. Final Building Inspection - (including final roof inspection) - ALL OTHER INSPECTIONS MUST BE
.The site shall be clear of trash and debris, landscaping complete and the building ready for occupancy.

NOTE: Certificates of Occupancy shall not be issued until the project has completed all inspections  and all outstanding fees are paid. 

Inspections will be made within 24 hours after notification, or sooner if conditions warrant a priority.

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